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 A lot is said about Personal Wellness and Work Life Balance.

But what is the hype about?

  • Is it something that can benefit me?
  • Who`s advice should I follow?
  • How do I actually apply these principles and guidelines in my life?

If you Google these keywords, you will find thousands of referral sources. Although well intended, most do not address Personal Wellness and Wellbeing holistically.

That is why LIFE ESSENCE came into existence. I am passionate about helping people achieve success according to their definition thereof. You will receive a straight talk, digestable, and practical information about personal wellbeing.

We will also expand Life Essence to include the following subject matters:

  • Life Skills  
  • Nutrition 
  • Exercise 
  • Managing Money, and
  • Motivation 

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Here`s to your Health, Wealth and Happiness!!

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